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The company develops a series of biological preparation products around biotechnology technology, which are widely used in medicine, cosmetics, food and other industries, and have won high praise from customers! !

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      Pullulan is a kind of extracellular water-soluble mucous polysaccharide similar to dextran and xanthan gum produced by the fermentation of aureobasidium pullulans.The polysaccharide is a linear polysaccharide formed by polymerizing repeating units of maltotriose linked by α-1,4 glycosidic bonds through α-1,6 glycosidic bonds, with a molecular weight of 20,000-…


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Shandong Mimei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2019 and is located at No. 1, Yudong Road, Dongcheng Street, Linqu County, Weifang City, Shandong Province, with a registered capital of 105 million yuan and a planned total investment of 500 million yuan. ...

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One of the company's main products, pullulan polysaccharide, is widely used in medicine, health care soft/hard capsule manufacturing, food preservatives after adding coating agent, thickener, pharmaceutical additives, cosmetics antioxidant, humectant, food preservatives, functional facial mask manufacturing and other industries:

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    Medicine and health products industry

    Pullulan has unique advantages as a raw material for vegetable capsules, and its market development prospects are very broad.In addition, pullulan can also be used as pharmaceutical additives and pharmaceutical adhesives, and is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • 02

    Cosmetics industry

    Pullulan is a kind of biopolysaccharide, which is widely used in cosmetics now. It has obvious adhesion characteristics, easy to adhere to the skin surface, good stability, lubricity and film-forming properties. A new type of healthy cosmetic raw material.

  • 03

    Food additives industry

    The pullulan aqueous solution has a smooth and refreshing feeling, and has the effect of improving the taste, so it can be used as a food quality improver and thickener.Pullulan is a non-digestible and absorbing carbohydrate. It is not digested by human digestive enzymes and can be excreted from the body. It will not cause high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, etc. It can also reduce blood sugar concentration. As an adjuvant treatment of diabetes, it is a kind of healthy food material.

  • 04

    Food preservative industry

    Spraying pullulan film on the surface of food can isolate oxygen, delay food spoilage, and maintain long-term freshness. It has obvious effects on reducing water loss and extending shelf life.It has been widely used in the preservation of fruits, eggs, vegetables, dried fruits, seafood, and pre made vegetables, and has no toxic effects.

  • 05

    Other industrial products industry

    Utilizing the stickiness and oxidation resistance of pullulan, it can be used as a binder for tobacco, which can increase the aroma of tobacco, so that tobacco has the advantages of high tensile strength, not easy to deliquesce, not easy to mold, and can reduce nicotine content. It is a very promising tobacco binder.As a remoisturizing adhesive, pullulan can also be used in industries such as fertilizers and sand molds.


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